‘Tribunal’: Judge Judy Sheindlin Sets New Court Series at Amazon Freevee

Judge Judy‘s bailiff is back in the courtroom in a new series picked up by Amazon Freevee.

While Petri Hawkins Byrd has not served as bailiff for Judge Judy Sheindlin‘s newest series, Tribunal (which will be back for a second season on the service that was formerly IMDb TV), he will be part of the new court program Tribunal, presided over by Judge Patricia DiMango, Judge Tanya Acker, and Adam Levy, a former Putnam County, New York District Attorney. Levy is Judge Sheindlin’s son and the third generation continuing her legal legacy. Her granddaughter (and Levy’s daughter), Sarah Rose, is the law clerk on Tribunal.

Tribunal, created and executive produced by Sheindlin, features a panel of three judges collectively adjudicating real cases. It will also add a video element to the court format, allowing viewers to follow scenes surrounding the events of each case.

Tribunal is an exciting new format which combines traditional court with a video-enhanced presentation,” Judge Judy Sheindlin said in a statement. “The panel of judges offer a dynamic combination of different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions that are unique, unparalleled, and compelling.”

Added Lauren Anderson and Ryan Pirozzi, co-heads of content and programming at Freevee, “With the strong support our customers have shown for Tribunal, we’re excited to add another Judge Sheindlin program to our slate. Judge Sheindlin has been a pioneer in creating premium courtroom content for more than 25 years and Tribunal reinforces our vision of a modern television network that embraces day-part agnostic programming.”

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