The 10 Best Things Coming to Amazon’s Prime Video in June

From fascinating documentaries to fresh-faced comedy specials, Prime has a range of cool new shows

Brian Cox stars in “007: Road To A Million.”

Amazon’s Prime, along with the streamer’s ad-supported free service, Freevee, continue to offer a wide range of new content each month. For Thanksgiving, we can count our blessings with deep-dive documentaries about NFL great Barry Sanders and Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry, as well as a high-flying competition series in which average Joes (and Janes) vie to be the next Bond, James Bond. Here’s what you’ll want to put on your November watch list.

Coming Nov. 3

Invincible, Season 2

This animated superhero yarn grapples with father-son issues of the comic book kind. Mark Grayson is a teenager (voiced by Steven Yeun) dealing with the outsize legacy of his father (J.K. Simmons, 68), once the biggest superhero on the planet, whose betrayal in Season 1 set the stage for what happens next.

007: Road to a Million

Perhaps this is how MGM plans to cast the next James Bond. In this competition series, nine pairs of everyday folks compete in Bond-like stunts like climbing a crane, walking across a moving train and racing vintage Aston Martins — all for the chance to collect a cool £1 million prize. Succession alum Brian Cox, 77, calls the shots as the Controller.

Dina Hashem: Dark Little Whispers

In her first stand-up special, veteran Daily Show writer Dina Hashem tackles relationship issues, her upbringing as a first-generation Arab American and bigotry against quiet people. “We just need more voices raised about it,” she jokes, “because we can’t do it ourselves.”

Coming Nov. 14

Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl

Trevor Wallace has amassed millions of views for his online comedy sketches lampooning everything from pickleball bros to moms who go through your room in high school. In his first stand-up special, he focuses on the perils of modern dating, from male birth control to the worst thing you could ever order on a date.

Coming Nov. 17


Robbie Amell plays a commitment-phobe who surprises his family with a Christmas visit — only to learn that they’re celebrating with his ex-fiancée (Leighton Meester). Is she his archnemesis or the one who got away? You can guess that this rom-com — which streams on Prime’s free, ad-supported Freevee service — ends in both jingle and wedding bells.

Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story

This documentary examines the life and career of Tyler Perry, 54, who overcame a Dickensian, traumatic childhood in New Orleans to become the award-winning actor, writer, director and media impresario behind such hits as the Madea franchise and House of Payne.

Twin Love, Season 1

Part reality dating show, part social experiment, Twin Love features 10 sets of twins who are split up and placed in separate houses with “identical” casts. Will twins seek out partners from the same gene pool? WWE alums Brie and Nikki Garcia, aka the Bella Twins, host. 

Coming Nov. 21

Bye Bye Barry

Barry Sanders, 55, whose 10 seasons with the Detroit Lions in the 1990s made him a legend, finally gets the full documentary treatment. The NFL’s most elusive running back on the field is poised to address one of the most elusive questions in the sport: why he retired in his prime at age 31, just shy of Walter Payton’s all-time rushing record.

Coming Nov. 29

Pretty Hard Cases, Season 3

In the third and final season of this Canadian cop show, police detectives Samantha Wazowski (Meredith MacNeill) and Kelly Duff (Adrienne C. Moore) reunite as partners to take on a new synthetic drug that’s taken over the mean streets of Toronto.

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