Judy Sheindlin’s Son Adam Levy on Freevee Spinoff: “The Elephant in The Room is Nepotism”

Judith “Judge Judy” Sheindlin has been crowned as the new queen of streaming courtroom shows. Not only is she producing and starring in the recently-renewed Amazon Freevee show Judy Justice, but she’s helming two new spinoffs and a fourth, unscripted program, featuring some faces close to her heart. In an in-depth New York Times profile, Sheindlin talks about working with her family on the expanding “Judy-Verse,” as her programming block is jokingly referred to by some Amazon Studios insiders.

Sheindlin’s Freevee empire includes her nearest and dearest. Her granddaughter Sarah Rose is a law clerk on Judy Justice, while recently-debuted spinoff Tribunal Justice numbers among its stars Sheindlin’s son, a former district attorney named Adam Levy. Plus, another upcoming show, Justice on Trial, looks at landmark court cases, partially via reenactment, and features Sheindin’s son-in-law, lawyer Daniel T. Mentzer.

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